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5 of My Favorite Vegan Blogs & Websites

Hi everyone! Going off of last week’s post about me going vegan for my 3 Months of Wellness, I wanted to do a quick secondary post on what my favorite vegan/sustainable blogs, websites, and businesses are. I personally value each of these websites and businesses, and I think that they could also bring value to your lives if you’re inspired to live a more holistic, sustainable, and vegan lifestyle! Keep reading below to see my list of faves!

Veganism & Why it’s My Chosen Diet

Since May is the first month of my 3 months of wellness, I think one of the first things that I need to work on is my diet. Now, I’m not saying that my diet is bad; for a college student without extra money to spend on extra food, especially since I have a food plan with my sorority, my diet is decently healthy. But I have had a hard time sticking to the diet that I really want to be on. And what is that diet?

Why You Need to Start Practicing Ayurveda

Since about September of 2017, I really started to think about if there was a way (or ways) that I could prevent future disease, while also being my healthiest self in the present. I’ve been a vegan/vegetarian for the last 3 years, depending on whether I was at university or not, but I still felt like there was something more that I could be doing.

back on track towards my goals

Back on Track

Hey y’all! I’m finally back and on track. I know that I have been absent over the last month (seriously, basically all of March) but I promise that I now am here to stay! Things over the last month have really been crazy; I’ve mostly been handling things with my sorority and school, and honestly, I really just needed to take a mental break for myself. Over this last month, I’ve checked back in to my goals and my life, and in doing that I didn’t spend as much time writing as I did before. I feel like it would be wrong of me to be writing about health and wellness and happiness if I wasn’t in a good place personally. I want everything that I post on this blog to be authentic, and if I wasn’t at my best, then it wouldn’t be very authentic at all for me to try and help you. That’s why I took the month of March for myself to catch up on school and take the time to …

March Bullet Journal Update

This week I’m going to keep it simple when it comes to my post because I’ve been super busy with midterms over the last two weeks and working on my freelance jobs. I didn’t want to leave y’all hanging though! So here is a quick and easy bullet journal update for March (& today’s the 1st, which is crazy!). Let me know what y’all think about this month’s layout and comment below on your own designs for this month! (I’ve also added a couple new collections as well to my bujo). I’ve added four new collections to my bullet journal after my February layout. In the first layout, I’ve decided to revisit the goals that I set for myself in 2018 and see if there were any that I wanted to change or add. I think that it’s important to put the new year in perspective after the first two months so that you know what you should really be expecting from your experience and confirm what goals are really attainable and meaningful to you. …

“Emotional Courage”: a Talk about a TED Talk

Hello! Usually I only write one post per week, but because I wanted to give y’all a bullet journal update (which you can find here), I thought it would be nice to also have a more substantial and meaningful post for the week. I had the opportunity to be a lazy bum, but I ultimately decided not to take it even though an hour of watching Netflix definitely tempted me. Anyway, this week I want to talk about something that I’ve honestly only recently encountered over the last couple of days. But while I’ve been thinking about it, I thought that it was an idea that I really wanted to put out there to start a discussion about (whether that’s with me, other people, or just yourself).