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3 Months to Wellness

Now that school is coming to an end for the year and summer is about to begin, I decided that I wanted to start my “summer of wellness” (at least that’s what I’m calling it. Of course, these 3 months could be taken out of any time of the year, but since I’ve been so busy with university and other work (like trying to effectively run this blog) it’s hard for me to find time to focus completely on my well-being. I think that in Western culture we have the tendency to ignore personal health to get ahead in our careers or by focusing on outside aspects of life (and yes, I know, this is pretty well known in the wellness universe). I know that in my own life, with juggling school, creating a future career, and also managing a social life, I fall into the constant trap of ill-health due to stress and overworking myself. I know that I’m still going to have responsibilities this summer (like a job and two online summer courses) …

back on track towards my goals

Back on Track

Hey y’all! I’m finally back and on track. I know that I have been absent over the last month (seriously, basically all of March) but I promise that I now am here to stay! Things over the last month have really been crazy; I’ve mostly been handling things with my sorority and school, and honestly, I really just needed to take a mental break for myself. Over this last month, I’ve checked back in to my goals and my life, and in doing that I didn’t spend as much time writing as I did before. I feel like it would be wrong of me to be writing about health and wellness and happiness if I wasn’t in a good place personally. I want everything that I post on this blog to be authentic, and if I wasn’t at my best, then it wouldn’t be very authentic at all for me to try and help you. That’s why I took the month of March for myself to catch up on school and take the time to …

March Bullet Journal Update

This week I’m going to keep it simple when it comes to my post because I’ve been super busy with midterms over the last two weeks and working on my freelance jobs. I didn’t want to leave y’all hanging though! So here is a quick and easy bullet journal update for March (& today’s the 1st, which is crazy!). Let me know what y’all think about this month’s layout and comment below on your own designs for this month! (I’ve also added a couple new collections as well to my bujo). I’ve added four new collections to my bullet journal after my February layout. In the first layout, I’ve decided to revisit the goals that I set for myself in 2018 and see if there were any that I wanted to change or add. I think that it’s important to put the new year in perspective after the first two months so that you know what you should really be expecting from your experience and confirm what goals are really attainable and meaningful to you. …

February Bullet Journal Update

Hey y’all! So this week I wanted to do two posts because I wanted to give you a bullet journal update but also still wanted to write something with a little more substance. But since I love to bullet journal, and finished my February log a little early, I wanted to make sure and show y’all since so many people liked my last one (if you’re interested in seeing my last bujo post click here). I’m still experimenting with layouts and design, but my weekly set up is definitely what I like; I’m just still trying to find the perfect monthly log layout. I hope you guys like it and don’t forget to comment down below so I know what you all think!

Once a Coffee Lover

Coffee has been a hit in the Western world since the early 1600’s; the first beans arrived on the European market and began to replace the morning glass of beer with the morning cup of Joe. Coffee has become such a part of life that some of our biggest industries are based on the drink (think about the last time you saw a Starbucks). It’s everywhere, from your kitchen cupboard to your favorite social icon’s Instagram. People have loved the stuff for centuries.

Current Self vs. Future Self Exercise

Full disclosure: this is not my original idea whatsoever, I got it from Aileen of on her Youtube channel which you can find here. But even if it isn’t my original idea, I really thought that it was a good one. So I wanted to do it myself  and show y’all how to do it too! With this new year and all the possibilities before us, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to map out what I wanted this year to look like. Some of these things that I put on my Future Self side may not entirely come true, but I agree with Aileen that putting what you want down in writing is a good idea. I also thought that her idea of comparing it to who your Current Self is would be beneficial to committing to the change needed to get where you want to go. So I’ve attached a picture of what my Current Self vs. Future Self looks like in my 2018 Motivation Journal below. If you want to know any …