Ideas to Grow Your Spirit

Since June is all about spirit and mental health, I wanted to create a list of ways to develop and grow the spirit, for both me and you to refer to as we continue through the next three weeks of June.

I wanted to make sure that there was something that we could all refer back to in case we feel uninspired or confused what to do next. So here is a list of ideas that will (hopefully) steer you on the start of your spiritual journey and help you along the way for the rest of June!

  1. Meditation
  2. Candles and incense
  3. Read a ten pages (at least) of a book a day that nourishes your spirit
  4. Start writing in a journal
  5. Listen to podcasts
  6. Study a religion that interests you (even if it starts at Wikipedia)
  7. Take time to be outside and in nature
  8. Wake up and greet the sun with yoga
  9. Learn about the chakras
  10. Thank god and the earth everyday
  11. Enjoy the little things that make you smile
  12. Explore something that brings you joy daily
  13. Take a weekend trip alone
  14. Start a mindfulness journal or workbook
  15. Take time away from technology
  16. Practice a day of kindness
  17. Volunteer your time to something you care about
  18. Find time to pray
  19.  Be creative
  20. Have a deep conversation with someone you love
  21. Color
  22. Take a week to focus on conscious consumption
  23. Read a biography on a spiritual leader
  24. Remind yourself how amazing it is to be alive

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