My First Month of Wellness: an Honest Recap

Miss Tae Lo, Lauren

I seriously can’t believe that its already June; May went by at lightning speed for me. I spent most of the month traveling, finishing up my junior year of college, and spending time with my family or my partner’s family. I feel like the entire month got away from me somehow with all of that going on.

And since I wanted to have y’all be involved with this series of my “3 Months to Wellness” I wanted to write an honest review of how my first month went and how I think it will be different in June!

my partner and I at the Magnolia Silos in Waco, TX

Like I said before, May was hectic for me; although it was a lot of fun and I got to spend a ton of time with family and my partner, it definitely got me a little screwed up when it came to routine and work. I basically didn’t write a post for all of May, even though I had gone into the month planning on keeping the blog updated with how my fitness and diet was coming along. This kind of had my a little bummed out by the end of May, but I also know that sometimes life can get busy and sometimes you have to just do what you can.

I will say that with all the stuff that was going on, some things did slip off the edge a bit. One of these was my diet. When I was in Annapolis, Maryland for my brother’s graduation with my partner and my family (a nice vacation btw) I definitely didn’t have a good diet at all. It wasn’t vegan in the slightest. Even outside of that weeklong trip it’s been difficult for me to maintain a completely vegan diet. Of course, my digestion and my body has not been very happy with me, but for some reason I’ve found that mind is in the right place when it comes to veganism yet my habits haven’t been living up to that standard.


This is an issue that I’ve been battling with for the entire month because it makes me feel guilty and hypocritical since I really do believe in veganism, but I haven’t been living up to that standard. One of the reasons that it was so difficult to eat vegan is because I hadn’t had the opportunity to go to the store and purchase the foods that I needed. And, like most vegans and vegetarians know, in certain cities and restaurants its still really difficult to find reasonably priced vegan/vegetarian foods unless you order lettuce and nothing else (Annapolis is one of those places).

So starting this month, things are going to be different completely when it comes to my diet. Now that things have settled down and I don’t have any travel or moving planned for the next two months, I’m going to take charge of my diet and eliminate all animal products from my grocery list. This is going to take some research and work on my end, but I’m am totally devoted to it, so I don’t see that as being a problem. When it comes to diet I’ll keep you all updated with recipes and how my progress is going!

Otherwise, when its come to fitness, I’ve actually been doing well. I currently work part-time as a social media manager/marketer for a fitness trainer remotely, and she let me take part in her 12 week fitness program (online) for free. So I’ve been working with my boss as my personal trainer for the last 4 weeks, and although things got a little crazy during vacation, my overall fitness has definitely improved. I know that for the rest of June my fitness will only get better and I’m really looking forward to showing you the process and the results!

Although my first month of wellness didn’t go exactly as planned I still think that it was a good start to the next two months of wellness! Starting this month (along with continuing with diet and fitness) I’m going to be spending time working on the mental and spiritual wellness.

Let me know in the comments or on social media how your first month of summer has been!

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