5 of My Favorite Vegan Blogs & Websites

Hi everyone!

Going off of last week’s post about me going vegan for my 3 Months of Wellness, I wanted to do a quick secondary post on what my favorite vegan/sustainable blogs, websites, and businesses are. I personally value each of these websites and businesses, and I think that they could also bring value to your lives if you’re inspired to live a more holistic, sustainable, and vegan lifestyle!

Keep reading below to see my list of faves!

  1. Ethical Elephant 

ethical elephant homepage title

Ethical Elephant is a “cruelty-free and vegan lifestyle blog” created and run by Vicky Ly. I’ve been following this blog for the last six months, and I absolutely love it! The blog is full of great resources for vegan products ranging from skin care to fashion brands.

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 11.34.47 AM.png
Vicky Ly the creator of Ethical Elephant

Not only does Vicky list resources for people looking for a comprehensive collection of sustainable brands they can buy from, but she also gives resources on the difference between cruelty-free vs. vegan products and reviews on most of the products.

One great thing that I love is that she has a “100% Vegan Brand List” that has a bunch of different beauty brands that are completely vegan and cruelty-free. I’ve used this list so many times while searching for vegan beauty products; you’d be surprised how many mainstream brands use animal testing and animal products in their products!

2. Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows homepage title

Oh She Glows is a vegan health/cooking/recipe blog that has been run by Angela Liddon for almost a decade. Not only does Angela run this vegan food blog, but she also has a New York Times bestselling cookbook (The Oh She Glows Cook Book), over 1 million followers, and a brand new recipe app for both IOS and Android.

Oh She Glows is a well-established site for the vegan and health community, and it’s obvious as to why. The website has wonderful recipes for everyone (even meat eaters) and most of the recipes are gluten/allergy free as well. Oh She Glows is a great site to check out even if you aren’t ready to become completely vegan; the recipes Angela has are for anyone who wants to have a healthy and wholesome diet.

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 9.50.28 AM.png
this is Angela (a picture from her about page)

I definitely recommend taking a peak at this site, and maybe even her app for recipes on the g(l)o!


3. Veggie Runners

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 12.44.19 PM.png

I’ve been following Veggie Runners for about two years now on semi-regular basis for inspiration for being a vegetarian/vegan, female runner, and I find it super inspiring. The site is run by a mother daughter pair, Bibi and Jayne Rodgers, and has been featured in numerous running magazines and websites. Veggie Runners has also been featured the Guardian (the big European media organization) in the “Top Ten Vegan/Vegetarian Blogs” and they also won the Runners Award in 2014 for Best Blog (which is also pretty cool).

Bibi and Jayne Rodgers from www.veggierunners.com
The mother daughter pair from their about me on veggierunners.com

I love this blog not only because of the awesome recipes and running inspo, but also because they promote yoga for runners (which I particularly relate to). If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to be a marathon-worthy athlete while eating a plant-based diet, no matter your age, this is the place to start!


4. The Simple Veganista

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 1.04.00 PM.png

The Simple Veganista is a blog that I found and started following through Bloglovin (follow this link to see how you can follow me and other blogs you love through Bloglovin) not too long ago. The creator, Julie, began her vegan journey in 2011 and now uses The Simple Veganista to share her (mostly raw) vegan recipes that she loves. And let me tell you: it’s pretty great.

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 1.07.41 PM.png
Julie of The Simple Veganista (and a pineapple)

Not only does this blog have almost endless recipes in all types of cuisine genres, but Julie also offers the opportunity to purchase an e-book of all her favorite recipes right on the site. I definitely recommend going on the site and checking out the beautiful food photography as well!


5. Olives for Dinner

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 1.14.33 PM.png

This is another great vegan blog that I found on Bloglovin. Erin, the creator of Olives for Dinner, is a self-taught vegan chef who started the website in January of 2011. What I like about this website is that Erin likes to focus on interesting recipe ideas outside of the regular realm of Buddha bowls and oatmeal (not that I dislike those, it’s just nice to get some variety). I also love this blog for finding vegan Asian recipes because, since it’s my favorite cuisine, I’m always on the look out for vegan pho or vegan steamed dumplings.

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 1.20.39 PM.png
Erin and her husband, who does the photography for her blog

I also highly recommend you take a look at her vegan desserts (I’m dying to make these vegan macarons).


And that’s it; at least, it’s the end of my first list of vegan blogs/websites that I enjoy. Let me know down in the comments what you think about the sites, and what else you would like to see when it comes to my favorites!

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