3 Months to Wellness

Now that school is coming to an end for the year and summer is about to begin, I decided that I wanted to start my “summer of wellness” (at least that’s what I’m calling it.

Of course, these 3 months could be taken out of any time of the year, but since I’ve been so busy with university and other work (like trying to effectively run this blog) it’s hard for me to find time to focus completely on my well-being.

I think that in Western culture we have the tendency to ignore personal health to get ahead in our careers or by focusing on outside aspects of life (and yes, I know, this is pretty well known in the wellness universe). I know that in my own life, with juggling school, creating a future career, and also managing a social life, I fall into the constant trap of ill-health due to stress and overworking myself.

I know that I’m still going to have responsibilities this summer (like a job and two online summer courses) I know that I’m going to have more of a chance to create time for myself without the work load I usually have during the school year. I want to take the chance that I have during my time off to develop myself and take care of all the parts of my well-being.

What I’m hoping will happen as I chronicle the next 3 months in the blog is that I will be able to give you sound advice, along with personal testimony, on how this time impacts my life and those around me.

I promise that its not all going to be typing “wow, I ate some broccoli today, and I feel amazing”; I want to give you all factual and useful information. I’m not going to be spouting out a bunch of bull or one-sided experience for y’all; I really want to give you a compilation of tools and advice that you can get some inspiration from so you can also take care of your well-being.

For each month of summer (May, June, and July), I’m going to focus on a specific area of wellness rather than everything all at once so thatI can really grow all aspects of my health along with giving all of you “digestable” information. But if I just threw in all aspects of wellness into a month, not only would I overwhelm myself, but I wouldn’t really be able to help you either.

Starting in May I’m going to focus on physical health, then I’ll move to spiritual and mental health in June, and finally in July I’m going to focus on financial and career health. Naturally, there is going to be some intermingling between all the categories because I’m not going to neglect my physical health in order to meditate all day, every day in June. But I really think that separating each topic into different months will not only benefit my life, but also benefit yours.

I’m excited for this summer, and I’m excited for all of you to follow along with me!

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