Back on Track

back on track towards my goals

Hey y’all!

I’m finally back and on track. I know that I have been absent over the last month (seriously, basically all of March) but I promise that I now am here to stay!

Things over the last month have really been crazy; I’ve mostly been handling things with my sorority and school, and honestly, I really just needed to take a mental break for myself. Over this last month, I’ve checked back in to my goals and my life, and in doing that I didn’t spend as much time writing as I did before. I feel like it would be wrong of me to be writing about health and wellness and happiness if I wasn’t in a good place personally. I want everything that I post on this blog to be authentic, and if I wasn’t at my best, then it wouldn’t be very authentic at all for me to try and help you.

That’s why I took the month of March for myself to catch up on school and take the time to sit with myself and recuperate. Now that I’m sure that I’m in a good place to run this again, I can really get back on the horse (our favorite: the cliche) and focus my time on what I love to do.

Things with school are still going to be difficult over this next month with school projects and finals, etc. but I know that I have a system now that will enable me to get all of that done, plus stay on top of Miss Tae Lo. This isn’t just a hobby for me; it’s something that I really want to transform to be my profession and my livelihood over the next few years and I’m dedicated to that goal.

You’ll be seeing much, much more of me, don’t worry.

Over and Out,




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