March Bullet Journal Update

This week I’m going to keep it simple when it comes to my post because I’ve been super busy with midterms over the last two weeks and working on my freelance jobs. I didn’t want to leave y’all hanging though!

So here is a quick and easy bullet journal update for March (& today’s the 1st, which is crazy!). Let me know what y’all think about this month’s layout and comment below on your own designs for this month!

(I’ve also added a couple new collections as well to my bujo).


I’ve added four new collections to my bullet journal after my February layout.

In the first layout, I’ve decided to revisit the goals that I set for myself in 2018 and see if there were any that I wanted to change or add. I think that it’s important to put the new year in perspective after the first two months so that you know what you should really be expecting from your experience and confirm what goals are really attainable and meaningful to you.

In the second new collection you see there, I’m planning on writing down a compilation of tips for how to live my healthiest life based on my Ayurvedic dosha. Since the fall, I’ve been really into Ayurvedic medicine and healing practices and I’ve found that they really hold some truth. Within the next two weeks I’m going to write a post going into detail about what Ayurveda is and how you can incorporate it into a modern lifestyle; but for now I’d recommend that you check out Sahara Rose and her “Highest-Self Podcast” linked here.


In the next two collections, I’ve decided to list out what my “miracle day” would be like so that I have a general idea of how a good day would go for me. Clearly, not every part of my day is mapped out, but just some routine ideas that I really want to incorporate into my day that I think will keep me on track and keep my mind clear.

On the second page, I have basically a brain dump zone that I’m going to fill with ideas and goals that I have for Miss Tae Lo. I added this collection because I wanted to have a place where I could write anything that comes to my mind when it comes to blog content ideas, social media, etc. so that I have it all in one area instead of having random notes everywhere in different journals.

Now we can actually get into my layout for March!


As you can see, I decided to have a simpler March cover with less design than my February design (you can see that here). I also wanted to have both a calendar and a day by day for March so that I can check off days while also keeping track of events/assignments/etc. for the entire month. I really like how simple this layout is, and I think that I’m probably going to keep a similar design idea from now on. I also added my quote of the month on my cover page to remind myself what I want to focus on for this month.


For this month I decided that I wanted to keep my theme very simple as well, but add in an element of spring (even though it is definitely still winter here in Idaho). I decided to give my habit tracker one more try, even though I still don’t think that its going to work the way I want it to, but I like the design. I’m just going to have to remind myself that tracking is not the only way you can know you’re making progress.

My expense tracker is in the same layout as the last two months; I like it because it’s efficient and let’s me see all of my expenses for that month easily.


And lastly, I have the layout for the first week of March (and the last few days of February).

I decided to get rid of the hour by hour daily scheduler because I didn’t really use it and I thought it made my bujo layout look too busy. I wanted to keep everything clean and functional for this month, and keep things more minimalistic. I also stopped highlighting everything because I thought that made it look too busy as well.

I really like this design, and that I added the next week look ahead box because it makes sure that I keep track of all the stuff that’s going to be due for the next week. And I kept the weekly review because I enjoy going back through my week and reminding myself what was good (and bad) about it, and what I can work on for the next week.

And that’s it so far for March!

What I’ve noticed is that as I’ve continued to bullet journal, I’ve become more artistic and better at designing my layouts. Practice definitely does help; looking back on my first few tries I can see they were a hot mess (I could tell that anyway, but you know what I mean). Even though making my bullet journal isn’t the most amazing thing I could do with my time, I think it really helps me to see how much I’m improving.

Let me know what y’all are going to do for your March layouts down below in the comments!

Over and Out,


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