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5 of My Favorite Vegan Blogs & Websites

Hi everyone!

Going off of last week’s post about me going vegan for my 3 Months of Wellness, I wanted to do a quick secondary post on what my favorite vegan/sustainable blogs, websites, and businesses are. I personally value each of these websites and businesses, and I think that they could also bring value to your lives if you’re inspired to live a more holistic, sustainable, and vegan lifestyle!

Keep reading below to see my list of faves!

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February Bullet Journal Update

Hey y’all!

So this week I wanted to do two posts because I wanted to give you a bullet journal update but also still wanted to write something with a little more substance.

But since I love to bullet journal, and finished my February log a little early, I wanted to make sure and show y’all since so many people liked my last one (if you’re interested in seeing my last bujo post click here).

I’m still experimenting with layouts and design, but my weekly set up is definitely what I like; I’m just still trying to find the perfect monthly log layout. I hope you guys like it and don’t forget to comment down below so I know what you all think!

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Current Self vs. Future Self Exercise

Full disclosure: this is not my original idea whatsoever, I got it from Aileen of on her Youtube channel which you can find here.

But even if it isn’t my original idea, I really thought that it was a good one. So I wanted to do it myself  and show y’all how to do it too! With this new year and all the possibilities before us, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to map out what I wanted this year to look like. Some of these things that I put on my Future Self side may not entirely come true, but I agree with Aileen that putting what you want down in writing is a good idea. I also thought that her idea of comparing it to who your Current Self is would be beneficial to committing to the change needed to get where you want to go.

So I’ve attached a picture of what my Current Self vs. Future Self looks like in my 2018 Motivation Journal below. If you want to know any further details about what this exercise is and how it should go, I recommend that you click the link I have to Aileen’s video and check it out!

This is a short little post, so I’ve included it with the post about New Year’s resolutions, so today you get two for one, Happy Holidays. 🙂

Over and Out,


(P.S. I know the doodles of myself aren’t fantastic, but they’re just doodles, you can make yours as realistic as you want)

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my current self vs. future self pages

BUJO: Bullet Journal How To

Welcome back kids to the latest post by me, your announcer, Lauren.

Sorry, I know that was really cheesy, but I had the need to do it so there it is.

Today’s post is about the famous “Bullet Journal” which some of you might know about, and others may not. To put it simply, a bullet journal (or Bujo for short) is a homemade planner or organizer.Rather than buying a pre-made planner at Target or Staples for a lot of money, it’s been a trend for a few years to do bullet journaling.

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